Graduate Newsletter

Keep up with what's happening in the Tau Delta Chapter by joining our Graduate's Edition Newsletter! Update your contact information, or check out our Newsletter Archive to see our progress as a chapter,

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The 1848 Club

As a chapter, we are making great strides in achieving our goal to lead the Greek Community at UTD. See how you, as a Graduate Brother, can help us out as well as the rewards you could get for doing so!

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Join the Graduate Chapter

Join one of the two Graduate Chapters in our area! Chose from The DFW Graduate Chapter, and the Richardson Graduate Chapter.

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Not For College Days Alone

Graduate Brothers comprise over ninety percent of the membership of Phi Gamma Delta. In addition to their undergraduate fraternity experience, they also have maturity and professional experience which can be helpful to an undergraduate chapter or the International Fraternity. Since Phi Gamma Delta's purpose is the development of our undergraduate members, and one of our greatest challenges is the lack of continuity inherent in an undergraduate chapter, graduate Brothers have a critical role to play in Phi Gamma Delta's success.


The Tau Delta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta recognizes the vital role that our graduate brothers play in our growth and laying the foundation that we are currently building upon. To all of our graduate brothers, thank you.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to the following brothers.

Dalton Owens

Corresponding Secretary

Danny Trevino

Graduate Relations Chairman